Patients & Public

Testing for a wide scope of sleep disorders, we are able to diagnose as well as offer appropriate treatment options with the ultimate goal of improving quality of life, preventing cardiovascular disease and promoting healthy sleep. Empower yourself by learning about:

  • the different types of sleep apnea and the consequences of untreated sleep apnea.
  • what to expect during your overnight stay at the sleep laboratory.
  • CPAP therapy, the most preferred treatment for obstructive sleep apnea.


Physicians & Healthcare Professionals

Serving patients and their physicians from within the Greater Toronto and Barrie Areas and beyond, we are committed to providing comprehensive sleep diagnostics from within a comfortable and home-like environment. To help you identify patients in your practice who may be suffering from sleep disordered breathing, learn about:

  • sleep nomenclature and changes to sleep physiology secondary to aging.
  • a simple screening questionnaire for sleep apnea.
  • how to make a referral to the Sleep Disorders Centre or Barrie Sleep Diagnostics Clinic.


The sleep specialist thoroughly explained my sleep apnea diagnosis and the options for therapy. I have subsequently started on therapy and have felt great since then. I am very pleased with the service and expertise I received. First class!

The facility was great! The beds were very large and comfortable. I was made to feel as at home as possible.
The technologist was professional, kind and put me at ease. The study was well explained. They made the night comfortable.