A sleep study usually involves an overnight stay at a sleep laboratory such as the Sleep Diagnostics Centre or Barrie Sleep Disorders Clinic. Polysomnography (pronounced poly•sahm•nog’•ra•phee) or sleep study, is a diagnostic test that measures your:

  • Eye movement
  • Heart rate
  • Nasal and oral airflow
  • Chest and abdominal movement
  • Blood oxygen levels

Upon arrival to the sleep laboratory, you can expect to get changed into your pajamas at which point a sleep technologist will commence application of the sensors and electrodes to your body. At bedtime, the sensors and electrodes will also be connected to an amplifier and computer to collect your personal sleep data. A microphone will allow for the recording of snoring and a video camera will capture your body movement while you sleep. The sleep study can expect to last until approximately 6:00 am the next morning.